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Direct Cremation

A direct cremation or just cremation service has become increasingly popular. A non-attended service avoids the need for a more traditional funeral. It gives you the flexibility to hold a memorial service or commemorate the deceased’s passing in a way that you choose. This kind of funeral service is becoming more popular with those who simply don’t feel they want or need to be in attendance at the cremation.


DIRECT CREMATION SERVICE £899 plus the Cremation Costs

Why Choose this funeral service –

  • Perfect for all types of ceremonies
  • A cremation for those who want no frills
  • Those who may wish to have a celebration service not at the crematorium
  • For those who want to reduce costs with the same care and service.
  • Someone with little or no family, or with a limited financial provision
  • Pay a fair price for only the service you want and need

How the Direct Cremation process works

  • We will meet you to sign the required forms (they can complete by post if you prefer).
  • No attendance by family or friends
  • Full guidance and professional support as needed
  • Provision of a simple or Eco-coffin
  • Collection of the deceased within office hours 9-5*
  • Transportation in a funeral vehicle to a Crematorium at a time of our choice for a non-attended service.
  • The cremated remains can be either scattered in the Gardens of Remembrance at the Crematorium, or returned to you by us if within 15 miles, otherwise a courier will be arranged at cost.
  • The full cost of our fees £899 plus disbursements must be paid in advance before the cremation takes place.

A different approach to a funeral in church or at a chapel attended by mourners, as it seems to have been for many years. Your loved one is still treated with the same dignity, care and respect, The coffin is conveyed to the crematorium in a hearsette or private ambulance with no family or friends attending. Only the funeral staff are at the crematorium.

​The majority of our clients who choose this type of service do so because it is by far the least expensive option. You will save over £2000 plus on a traditional funeral offering.

Whilst at the same time it may be preferable to you and your family and may have been the wish of the deceased. Perhaps it might be down where friends and family live, which may be some distance apart or even overseas. For this reason it might not be practical or convenient to gather for a service.

A direct cremation coffin example

Simple coffin
Funeral flowers