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Funeral costs & funeral choices

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We are here to help and really care about what we do, and want to give you a clear idea of the costs involved with a funeral ceremony, here we have outlined what is required for your reference,

Prices as from April 2019

The cost of funerals are separated into two types, the disbursements and the funeral directors charges...


These are the third-party fees we need to pay in advance for the funeral to proceed, these are unavoidable and separate from the funeral director’s costs. Some of these are set fees while some vary, typically between Crematorium and Cemetery’s, they will charge differently depending on the area they are in, or if they are privately managed and owned, or if they are run by local authorities. 


The three main disbursements are; -


  • Doctors fees for the Cremation medical papers if applicable. £164.00

  • Religious minister or funeral celebrant approx £220

  • Crematorium or Cemetery (purchase of grave and or the digging fee)

    • eg Mortlake Crematorium £610

    • Hanworth Crematorium £525

    • Randalls Park Crematorium £1070

    • Kingston Crematorium £655

    • North East Surrey Crematorium £590

    • Putney Vale £625

  • Cemeteries'  and Grave costs vary the most and can often depend if the deceased is a resident of the borough or not, we can advise on the precise cost when we know the details.

Funeral Directors Costs -

We offer the following types of funerals the Direct Cremation, Simple Funeral and the Traditional or Modern Funeral. They differ in cost and what is provided for you.

We want to be able to look after the needs of all our clients, and can be flexible when required to ensure your expectations and wishes are met...

The costs for our services exclude disbursements.

Direct Cremation £950 

A dignified service with no attendance by friends or relatives, a no fuss ceremony, sensitively carried out, allowing for the possibility of a separate service being held if desired on a later date, to commemorate or celebrate a life. Cremated remains can be returned to you within a 20 mile radius or collected directly from the crematorium.

Simple Funeral £1700

  • Attending to all the arrangements, our professional services and advice.

  • Liaising with all third parties on your behalf

  • Collection of the deceased into our care, dressing in own clothes if desired.

  • Provision of our Simple coffin

  • Inclusive of the Funeral director and all aspects of the arrangements

  • Hearse direct to Crematorium or Cemetery Chapel and bearers to attend on the day of the funeral

  • If embalming is required then an additional charge of £125 will be made

 Traditional or Modern Funeral £2200 

  • Attending to all the arrangements, our professional services and advice.

  • Liasing with all third parties on your behalf.

  • Collection of the deceased into our care, dressing in own clothes if desired.

  • Provision of an Oak Veneered Coffin fully fitted and lined in satin 

  • Inclusive or the Funeral director and all aspects of the arrangements.

  • Hearse and One Limousine to go into religious place of worship or a suitable venue for the funeral or into the family home for up to one hour, and then proceed to the Crematorium or Cemetery graveside.

  • Bearers and all personnel to attend on the day of the funeral.

  • If embalming is required then an additional charge of £125 will be made.


Alternative coffins

The Oak Veneered Coffin (£250 inc in cost above) can be supplemented with any coffin for another within our range or sourced externally and the difference in cost will be added to the amount above..

Funeral payment
In order for us to keep our overheads down and pass the savings onto our families, we do require cleared funds one week prior to the funeral taking place. We will always provide written quotations, and confirm if any are subject to change. 


This can be made by either bank transfer, cash, DSS/DWP payments, debit card.  

A wide range of additional services can be offered below is an example of what we are able provide to ensure we meet your needs if not listed the price will be available on arrangement. More options available by request.

Supplementary Services

  • Additional limousines   £250

  • We specialise in the provision of a professionally printed order of service, we will help create a truly personal item, we work in partnership with Careprint UK prices on arrangement 

  • Scatter Tubes and Cremated remains caskets

  • Horse Drawn Carriage a pair, or team of Black or White horses from £1050

  • Floral Tributes

  • Silver Keepsake momento jewellery

  • Dove release

  • Wooden temprary gravemarkers Cross or non religious versions

  •  These are just a few of the more common additional services though we are willinging to help with any request you may have

Additional Mileage

If we are required to collect the deceased from the place they are resting and the journey is over 15 miles an additional charge of £1.50 per mile from our Twickenham admin office will be made.

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