Funerals during Coronavirus pandemic

Following the advice and directions of government all organisations connected with the funeral profession, have been required to introduce measures to safeguard the bereaved their families and friends, staff who work in hospitals, funeral homes, registrars, religious ministers and celebrants, Crematoria and Cemeteries staff, to help slow the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Registration - the rules around this requirement have been relaxed, including who qualifies to act as the informant, this is the person responsible for registering, to obtain the necessary death certificates which now also includes the funeral director.


Where the Doctor has seen the deceased within 28 days of death and is satisfied the death was from natural causes including Corvid-19, or when a post-mortem may be required the death can be registered by telephone and the certificates for cremation or burial are sent to the correct authority electronically by email.  

Attendance -  at funerals should be kept to a minimum number of mourners, immediate family and close friends, attendance at Crematoria venues does vary, for example South West Middlesex Crematorium (Hanworth) 30 with face masks to be worn, Mortlake Crematorium its 24 attendees. Please phone for accurate info on any other local Crematorium. It depends on the size of the chapels and how people can safely spread out depending on seating available.


Webcasts - Most Chapels have the facility for the ceremony to be either webcast for those who cant attend to watch from home or recorded, and a memorial service could be held at a later date when the restriction on gatherings has been relaxed, after the pandemic has passed. Waiting Rooms will be closed, except to use the WC. 

Limousines - with a common sense approach these are now available from Brunskill Family Funerals, the vehicles we use are fitted with screens to segregate the driver and occupants whom should be from same households. Please phone to discuss your transport needs.

 Hymn books - have been removed from crematoria chapels. It is possible to have personalised service sheets with the hymns printed, which can be taken to the crematorium at the time of the funeral. Some crematoria with the Obitus or Wesley system will have screens on which a photo slide show to music or the hymn lyrics can be displayed. 

Funeral Flowers - florists like many businesses have had to scale back during this time, however we are still able to source beautiful fresh cut flowers, to ensure you have the funeral flowers that you need.


People with existing health problems, anyone with a fever or cough or lives with someone with a fever or cough or has been exposed to the Covid-19 virus should not attend funeral services.

Please practice social distancing whilst attending funerals, i.e. keeping at least one to two metres between yourself and other mourners, crematorium staff and funeral staff. We have been asked to remind you that hugging and shaking hands risks spreading the virus.

It may not be permitted for the family to bear the coffin, depending on the Crematorium.

Burial services will only be held at the graveside.

The Church of England is discouraging holding funeral services in their churches these may or may not be permitted depending if the vicar or priest allows the service to be held.


We will work smartly and safely with you to ensure the funeral you need despite the limitations imposed can be fulfilled.  Between us we will organise that we have a meaningful discussion either by phone or video call, if you prefer we can visit at home so we can understand your wishes and requirements, book the day and time of the ceremony, and we will  put you in touch with a minister or celebrant, all as sensitively as possible.


All the paperwork which requires your signature can be emailed to you and signed electronically or we will deliver and collect safely at your convenience.

Advice on webcasting or recording the ceremony should you wish us to do so, to enable those who are unable to attend, or travel can still have the ability to be part of your loved ones farewell in some way.

Some of our clients have said that the smaller attendance with only the immediate family gathered has made for a less formal, more sincere and just as comforting ceremony. 

We have found more families may take the decision due to the current health concerns, and that they wont be joined by wider family and friends to choose a non-attended cremation and they can commemorate their loved ones life in a way that's fitting for them either now or in a memorial service to celebrate their life in the weeks or months to come...

However you need help or support we are here for you,

please don't hesitate to contact us day or night 


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