What Happens Next?

This page will summarise what the different outcomes may be, and how to proceed with the funeral once a person has died,

Following a death at a private residence or nursing home from natural causes, it is likely that the person had been unwell for sometime, had an underlying serious illness or condition or simply reached old age.

In this instance the death will need to be confirmed

by a registered nurse, Doctor or other qualified person.


This will then allow arrangements to be made  for the

collection of the deceased. Once you are ready for this

to happen, a funeral director will need to be called to transfer the deceased to a mortuary or private chapel of rest. This could be outside of office hours during the night, or at the weekend. 





If the death occurs in a hospice or hospital ward it is most likely that they have facilities available to care for the deceased, in which case this will happen on site and this will be taken care of by the nursing staff in attendance. 


When the necessary documentation and registration has been finalised then the funeral director can attend to collect the deceased from the place of death once clearance has been given for them to do so usually during normal working hours. In these two scenarios the GP or Doctor who attended the deceased and saw them within the last 14 days, will be able to complete the Medical Cause of Death Certificate, this should need  be taken by the informant or person making arrangements to register the death at the registrars.

It may be that the death was sudden or unexpected, or the Doctor who attends the deceased is unable to ascertain for sure the exact cause of death. In these circumstances the Coroner will become involved, and it is quite likely that a post-mortem will be scheduled at the Coroners Public mortuary, to confirm what the cause of death was, so the death can then be registered and the body released back into the care of the funeral director.

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  • We will need some paperwork as we progress through the funeral arrangements

  • The Green registration certificate once the death has been registered.

  • If the death was referred to the Coroner they will issue the paperwork directly      to us.

  •  A hospital release form if the death occurred in hospital.

  • If you are planning a burial in an existing grave we may need the grave ownership deeds.

  • All other paperwork we will provide and complete together with you or by post.

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