Funeral ceremonies and natural burials at the beautiful Greenacres, Heatherley Wood or Chilterns, Oakfield Wood at Shamley Green, & Clandon Wood

Honouring nature and the spirit of the deceased

Funeral ceremonies at a beautiful natural burial park are planned so that there’s no rush and no time pressure.

Brunskill Funerals and the chosen natural burial site will work with you to help find the perfect way to remember your loved one.

You can arrange a burial at any of the local eco-burial parks – with or without a funeral or memorial service.
It doesn’t matter what your faith, beliefs or cultural practices are, you can celebrate the life of the person you love in the way that’s best for you.

Each burial site has purpose built service halls that have a unique ambience; a perfect combination of music and lighting, surrounded by a beautiful natural environment.

Ceremonies that are personal and peaceful

You can choose from a variety of natural environments and depending on which burial park you choose, options include:

  • Woodland pastures
  • Meadows
  • Lawns
  • Traditional burials
  • Ashes interments
  • Burial fees vary, depending on the service, plot and location. Included in the cost of a service most burial parks offer complimentary music, a visual tribute and live webcast (where available). This means the whole service can be live streamed for mourners unable to attend. Natural burial parks are open to everyone – irrespective of the size of your budget, contact Brunskill Family Funerals to explore natural burial options.
    How are natural burials or eco-burials different?
    The reality is they are not vastly different from a more traditional cemetery. Natural burials and eco burials generally offer :

    • A three or four feet deep grave
    • A biodegradable coffin made from materials such as willow, pine, recycled cardboard or even a simple woollen shroud
    • No traditional headstone memorial, the graves can be marked in other ways (a natural wooden marker for instance)

    The remains are able to return to the earth more quickly this way, and maintain the natural integrity and beauty of the chosen burial site. For the last few centuries we as a society have chosen cremations or burials using coffins with ornate fittings which are not biodegradable, so in some ways with natural burials we are going back to the established way of returning the remains of our loved ones to the earth.

    The eco-burial can still be traditional in style but with the benefit of taking place in the beautiful, peaceful surroundings of a nature reserve which is looked after and cared for with high conservation, environmental standards and ecological preferences in mind. For those who feel strongly about the environment will find a natural burial a fitting final resting place. At Brunskill Family Funeral we can offer more information about eco-friendly burials and how they compare to our other funeral services.

    Brunskill Family Funerals offer a wide range natural & eco-coffins.

    Willow Coffin for natural burial
    Use the links below to take you to some of our favoured natural burial grounds.

    Brunskill Family Funerals are here to help you honour the memory of your relative and offer a range of options and services including eco-friendly natural burials.

    For further information about natural burials and life celebrations in Chessington, call us today on 020 3887 2090.
    We are happy to provide advice and support 24/7.