• Edward Brunskill

Brunskill Funerals are now proud to offer Open Prepaid Funeral Plans...

How do prepaid funeral plans work?

A Prepaid funeral is a way of planning and paying for your funeral in advance to save you and your family time and money when the time comes. This can either be through a lump sum, or by monthly instalments. Having a prepaid funeral plan in place is the simplest, most caring and most practical way to remove the financial and emotional worry, as well as the responsibility, that unexpected funeral arrangements can bring.

Ed Brunskill Says ' We really like what Open Prepaid Funeral Plans have to offer, it sits well with our family business ethos, we want to focus on affordability, ensuring our clients and families can get the type of funeral they want, without making things any more confusing then they need to be. Open Funeral Plans are simple and easy to understand. Unlike some funeral plan providers they don't keep a large percentage of what you pay in, therefore the focus can remain on the person the plan is for and the as the funeral director I can ensure we deliver exactly the right type of farewell ceremony that is requested'

If you would like to learn more about what a prepaid funeral plan is now, and why you should choose one with Brunskill Family Funerals please give us a call we are always more then happy to offer free advice and guidance.

Alternatively take a look at the Open Prepaid Funeral Plan Website https://www.openprepaidfunerals.co.uk/



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