• Edward Brunskill

Funeral awareness, what key elements make them important ??

Posted Nov 5, 2019

An impressive piece of research has been carried out led by Dr Sarah Jones, and 50 participants. With interviews talking in detail about a funeral they have participated in or attended. This found that 5 things mattered: The funeral followed the wishes of the person who died following last wishes was comforting to family arranging a funeral. They did not have to be complex: just leaving a favourite song was enough for family members to feel comfort. Inclusive Decision-making. families in this study strove to ensure that all close family were involved in the decisions being made. Responsive funeral directors immediately intuitive as to the manner of approach they should take. Respondents were happiest when the FD understood what level of information and guidance was needed, No family need was the same, and funeral directors need to be emotionally intelligent and flexible Being with the body. Respondents had varying views about how much time they wanted to spend with the body of the person who died. Where someone sought to be with the body of the person who died, then it was a felt strongly; some individuals were equally adamant in their wish not to see the body. Having a funeral service that met expectations. People in the study were often sufficiently experienced to know what kind of funeral service was appropriate, given the circumstances of the death. If you would like to talk more about a meaningful funeral please get in touch and we would be happy to help !



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